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Further down this page is the 2020 voyage programme, with dates and details of start and finish ports.

The programme does not tell you where a voyage is likely to go between start and finish ports. This is very dependent on the weather, but also on the young people in the crew. Some want to do long-distance adventures and are keen to sail all night in difficult conditions, others want a gentler introduction to sailing. Some groups have passports, others don't; some crews are fit and confident, others include young people with special needs. The decision about where to go therefore depends on you - we don't decide in advance.

Where voyages are marked "enquiry" on the programme, it means that someone has made an intial bid for a full-boat booking but nothing has been confirmed and no deposit has yet been paid, so if you really want that voyage - or a change to the programme that might require an alteration to that voyage - please ask. We will then go back to the original client and see if they want to confirm - if not, you may be able to book the voyage. "Reserved" means a deposit has been paid and we are just waiting for the full fee - it is harder, though not always impossible, to amend a reserved voyage.

Any voyage with "12+" in the "berths available" column is still open for a full-boat group booking. The normal number of places available to book on a voyage is 12, but the availability column says "12+" because we can go up to 15 people in certain circumstances. This may be fairly straightforward for a mainstream group but would require careful consideration if the voyage involves young people needing more support.

A number smaller than 12 in the availability column mean it is a mixed voyage open to individual bookings, and one or more places have already been filled. You might like to discuss this with us as we try to fit people on appropriate voyages and we may be able to give you information about other people who have booked on that voyage - we wouldn't want to book a 12-year old on a week where everyone else is 18 or over, for example..

Voyage start and finish times may vary, so do confirm these with the office, but in general, UK-based voyages will start at 2pm on the first day and end at 12 noon on the last day, except for weekends which normally run from 8pm Friday to 5pm Sunday, and voyages at the start of half-term which may begin at 8pm on the Friday to make the most of the time available. With overseas voyages we aim to be flexible and will discuss start and finish times with clients with the aim of fitting in with flights, ferries etc.

Contact the office to make a booking.

Raise And Sail - OYT South's website for young people wanting to raise money in order to sail with us.

2020 Voyage Programme (last updated 12th July 2019)
(Colour key for restricted voyages)
Adult voyage (18+). May also be suitable as a training / selection voyage for prospective sailing volunteers.
Prospective clients, donors and supporters (18+)
Young people aged 15 or 16 to 25
Young people aged 12-25

* Pricing policy: Ocean Youth Trust South seeks to make our voyages affordable for as many young people as possible. We therefore aim to cover 50% of the cost of all voyages through our own fundraising and donations. Almost all crew members aged 12-25 will be eligible for the reduced Standard Crew Price. Additional bursaries may also be available - contact the office for details. The cost per person of running the voyage is given for information.

Voyage No. Start date End date Nights on board Start port Finish port Cost per person of running voyage *Standard crew price per person Berths available
P20-01 23-Mar 27-Mar 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 12+
P20-02 27-Mar 29-Mar 2 Southampton Southampton £410 £205 12+
P20-03 30-Mar 3-Apr 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)
P20-04 4-Apr 9-Apr 5 Southampton Southampton £1,010 £505 Enquiry (group)
P20-05 10-Apr 14-Apr 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)
P20-06 15-Apr 19-Apr 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 12 *
P20-08 21-Apr 26-Apr 5 Southampton Southampton £1,010 £505 12+
P20-09 27-Apr 1-May 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)
P20-10 2-May 2-May 0 Southampton Southampton     12
P20-11 3-May 3-May 0 Southampton Southampton     12
P20-13 5-May 10-May 5 Southampton Southampton £1,010 £505 Enquiry (group)
P20-14 11-May 15-May 5 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 12+
P20-15 16-May 16-May 0 Southampton Southampton     12
P20-16 17-May 17-May 0 Southampton Southampton     12
P20-17 18-May 22-May 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)
P20-18 22-May 26-May 4 Southampton Southampton £780 £390 Enquiry (group)
P20-19 27-May 31-May 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)
P20-20 1-June 5-June 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 12+
P20-22 7-June 12-June 5 Southampton Poole £1,010 £505 12+
P20-24 15-June 19-June 4 Poole Southampton £810 £405 12+
P20-25 20-June 25-June 5 Southampton Southampton £1,010 £505 12+
P20-26 26-June 26-June 0 Southampton Southampton £270 £135 12
P20-27 27-June 27-June 0 Southampton Southampton     12
P20-28 28-June 28-June 0 Southampton Southampton     12
P20-29 29-June 5-July 6 Southampton Poole £1,190 £595 Enquiry (group)
P20-30 6-July 12-July 6 Poole Brixham £1,190 £595 12+
P20-32 15-July 26-July 11 Brixham A Coruna £1,998 £999 12 *
P20-33 26-July 8-Aug 13 A Coruna Dunkirk £2,470 £1,199 tbc ***
P20-34 8-Aug 14-Aug 6 Dunkirk Southampton £1,190 £595 15 *
P20-35 14-Aug 21-Aug 7 Southampton Dartmouth £1,390 £695 Enquiry (group) **
P20-36 22-Aug 27-Aug 5 Dartmouth Poole £1,010 £505 10+ *
P20-37 28-Aug 2-Sept 5 Poole Southampton £1,010 £505 12+
P20-39 4-Sept 8-Sept 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 12+
P20-40 9-Sept 13-Sept 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 12+
P20-41 14-Sept 18-Sept 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)
P20-42 19-Sept 19-Sept 0 Southampton Southampton     12
P20-43 20-Sept 20-Sept 0 Southampton Southampton     12
P20-44 21-Sept 25-Sept 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)
P20-45 26-Sept 29-Sept 3 Southampton Southampton £620 £310 12+
P20-46 30-Sept 4-Oct 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 12+ **
P20-47 5-Oct 9-Oct 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 12+
P20-48 9-Oct 11-Oct 2 Southampton Southampton £410 £205 12+
P20-49 12-Oct 17-Oct 5 Southampton Southampton £1,010 £505 12+
P20-51 19-Oct 23-Oct 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)
P20-52 23-Oct 27-Oct 4 Southampton Southampton £780 £390 12+
P20-53 28-Oct 1-Nov 4 Southampton Southampton £810 £405 Enquiry (group)

* Individual bookings - this means we are happy to include people who know each other, but this is also an ideal voyage for people who are not coming as part of an organised group and are happy to sail with new people and hopefully make friends!

** ASTO Small Ships race

*** Tall Ships Race









“I have learned new skills and have made new friends and now I can get up in the morning!" Gavin, aged19