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Sat 21 September 2019 - free day sail for adults with a specific interest such as organising a group booking or making a donation.
Sun 22 September 2019 - free day sail for adults with a specific interest such as organising a group booking or making a donation.

There are several longer adult voyages each year - at the moment there is only one left in 2019 and that is fully-booked but we will announce some 2020 dates shortly.

Places on adult day sails are usually free for people who are already supporting the charity in various ways, and for potential donors and clients. Other adults are welcome on these day sails if there is space, in exchange for a suitable donation which will help us to keep offering places to more young people!

A typical day sail involves joining the boat in Southampton at about 9.30am. There will be tea and coffee, introductions and a short safety briefing, and then we’ll motor out of the marina.

The sails will go up in Southampton Water, and we’ll pass through some of the busiest sailing waters in the world, as container ships, cruise liners, ferries and thousands of sailing and power boats all use this stretch of water.

Everyone on board is invited to join in with steering and hoisting sails, if they wish, and there are always plenty of opportunities to ask questions and see how things work.

Out in the Solent, our plans for the day will depend on wind, tide and weather. We might go into somewhere like Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, for lunch; or we might have lunch at anchor in a secluded bay, or perhaps we’ll just keep sailing and have lunch on the move.

We’ll aim to be back in the marina and ready for people to leave the boat by about 5pm.

Longer voyages

The programme for a longer voyage with adults is dependent on what people want to do, as well as on the usual constraints of wind and tide. You may prefer gentle sailing and a fair amount of sightseeing ashore; you may want specific training; you might like the idea of a really challenging voyage; or you might want a short burst of challenging sailing in order to get to somewhere more relaxing – like the restaurants of France!

If the voyage has not been set up with a particular purpose in mind, there will be opportunities at the start to discuss what everyone wants to do and where the boat might go.

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“This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it.” Sam, aged 16