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Tall Ships Race series & other adventure voyages 2013

These voyages are now over.

Tall Ships 2013:

Arhus (Denmark) - Helsinki (Finland) - Riga (Latvia) - Szczecin (Poland), plus some exciting adventure voyages get the vessel out to and back from the Baltic, via Cuxhaven (Germany) and the Kiel Canal.

The Tall Ships series brings together sail training vessels crewed by young people aged 15-25 from all over the world., ranging from the largest square-rigged vessels, through a wide range of traditional boats, to the Class C vessels, like John Laing, which are yachts with a more modern rig.

The host ports of a Tall Ships series traditionally lay on superb hospitality for visiting crews, with festivals, entertainments, a wide range of activities and a chance to see other vessels and visit the town itself.

These are some of the most adventurous voyages of John Laing's season, and taking part is always an unforgettable experience.

For official Tall Ships voyages or other voyages starting and finishing at Tall Ships festivals, the age range for John Laing's crew members is 15-25. This is a rule set by the Tall Ships event organisers: only a proportion of crew members can be aged 15 (in our case, a mximum of four) and the rest must be 16+. Where our other adventure voyages before or after the Tall Ships events do NOT include time at a Tall Ships festival port, we may be able to take people aged 12+ at the skipper's discretion.

We take both male and female crew, and no previous sailing experience is required - all we ask is that you bring enthusiasm, a willingness to join in, learn new skills and work together with the rest of the crew.

Raise And Sail - OYT South's website for young people wanting to raise money in order to sail with us.

Voyage details
As well as the two races and the official Tall Ships cruise in company, John Laing is offering two special adventure voyages to reach the start of Tall Ships and share in the first festival, and two more adventure cruises to come home after the end of the Tall Ships series.

* = official Tall Ships event

London to Cuxhaven cruise: 21-28 June, London to Cuxhaven (Germany), 7 nights, £550pp plus travel, age 12-25. Sail out of the city and down the Thames:

Then - weather permitting - cruise via the Dutch inland waterways or the Frisian Islands before finishing in Cuxhaven.

Cuxhaven to Arhus cruise: 29 June - 6 July, Cuxhaven (Germany) to Arhus (Denmark), 7 nights, £550pp plus travel, age 15-25. Through the Kiel Canal into the beautiful Baltic, cruise through the islands or along the coast of the Danish mainland, and fFinish in time to be part of the first Tall Ships festival of the series in Arhus.

* Race 1: 6-19 July, Arhus (Denmark) to Helsinki (Finland), 13 nights, £995 plus travel, age 15-25. Enjoy the festival in Arhus; race against other vessels crewed by young people - no experience required - north-east up the Baltic. Conditions permitting, we would aim to cross the finish line in time to visit somewhere on the gorgeous Finnish coast before ending up at a major festival in Helsinki.

* FULLY-BOOKED Cruise in company: 19-27 July, Helsinki (Finland) to Riga (Latvia), 8 nights, age range 15-25. £625 plus travel. Join for the Helsinki festival. Then, sailing in small groups with other vessels, we are free to cruise wherever we want and wherever the weather takes us in this glorious cruising area, visiting different places and having time ashore before entering another Tall Ships festival in Riga.

* FULLY-BOOKED Race 2: 27 July - 5 August, Riga (Latvia) to Szczecin (Poland), 9 nights, age range 15-25. £720 plus travel. ONLY ONE PLACE STILL AVAILABLE!

Szczecin to Cuxhaven cruise: 5-12 August, Szczecin (Poland) to Cuxhaven (Germany), 7 nights, age range 15-25. £550 plus travel.

Start with the Tall Ships festival in one of the best festival ports John Laing has ever visited:


Enjoy a fabulous Baltic cruise and end with a passage through the impressive Kiel Canal to finish in Cuxhaven.

Cuxhaven to Ipswich cruise: 13-19 Aug, Cuxhaven (Germany) to Ipswich, 6 nights, £465pp plus travel, age 12-25. Another great cruise which - weather permitting - might take in the Dutch inland waterways or the Frisian Islands, or Heliogoland, as well as a North Sea crossing.


Please contact the office to make a provisional reservation, or to ask any questions.


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