DRAFT Tall Ships Adventure 2018

Possible cruises and Tall Ships races in 2018 - DRAFT

Tall Ships races and cruises, plus voyages to the start and back from the finish - come and join us!

We are planning an exciting Tall Ships Adventure in summer 2018,on board Prolific, involving twoTall Ships races, one cruise in company, four festivals (Sunderland, Esbjerg, Stavanger and Harlingen) pluscruises to get to the race start and then to get home again. Possible legs as follows::

The provisional list of voyages looks something like this though nothing is yet set in stone:

25 June - 1 July 2018:
Southampton to London cruise (age range 12-25) - £550
4-13 July 2018:
London to Sunderland cruise - ending at Sunderland Tall Ships festival (age range 15-25, or possibly an 18+ adult voyage tbc) - £550
13-20 July 2018:
Sunderland to Esbjerg - Tall Ships race 1 - festivals in Sunderland & Esbjerg (age range 15-25) - £650 plus travel
20-28 July 2018:
Esbjerg to Stavanger - Tall Ships cruise in company - festivals in Esbjerg & Stavanger (age range 15-25) - £735 plus travel
28 July - 5 Aug 2018:
Stavanger to Harlingen - Tall Ships race 2  - festivals in Stavanger & Harlingen (age range 15-25) - £735 plus travel

After that things become more flexible. We have from 5th August to the end of the school holidays to get from the Netherlands back to Southampton; we don’t want to be back in the Solent in mid-August as it is too busy for us to get affordable berths; so we can construct a series of cruises depending on what clients want - as long as we can put together a seamless programme with no costly wasted days. We’re looking at places with relatively straightforward travel links, so if we divide this period into four 6-night voyages we could perhaps think about something like this:

5-11 Aug 2018:
Netherlands cruise - Harlingen to e.g. Hook or Rotterdam (age range 12-25) - £550 plus travel
12-18 Aug 2018:
Normandy cruise - e.g. Hook or Rotterdam to e.g. Cherbourg or Guernsey (age range 12-25) - £550 plus travel
19-25 Aug 2018:
South west cruise - e.g. Cherbourg or Guernsey to e.g. Plymouth (age range 12-25) - £550 plus travel
27 Aug - 2 Sept 2018:
Homecoming cruise -.e.g. Plymouth to Southampton (age range 12-25) - £550 plus travel

However, these four voyages are just the beginnings of an idea for the period 5 Aug to 2 Sept - we can do longer or shorter voyages, we can aim to visit other places - just let us know what your group might want and we can see if it could be made to fit together with other clients’ requirements.

We are not yet taking firm bookings for any of these voyages, but if you might be interested in a group booking (12 places) or you have any ideas for voyages in the period 5th August to 2nd September, please email webmaster1@oytsouth.org.

Please note that you will be responsbile for making your own travel arrangements to join and leave the boat. Prices do NOT include flights.

General information on Tall Ships races and events
The Tall Ships series brings together sail training vessels crewed by young people aged 15-25 from all over the world., ranging from the largest square-rigged vessels, through a wide range of traditional boats, to the Class C vessels, which are yachts with a more modern rig.

The host ports of a Tall Ships series traditionally lay on superb hospitality for visiting crews, with festivals, entertainments, a wide range of activities and a chance to see other vessels and visit the town itself.

These are some of the most adventurous voyages the Ocean Youth Trust South ever does, and taking part is always an unforgettable experience.

For official Tall Ships voyages or other voyages starting and finishing at Tall Ships festivals, the age range for our crew members is 15-25. This is a rule set by the Tall Ships event organisers: only a proportion of crew members can be aged 15 (in our case, a maximum of eight or nine) and the rest must be 16+.

Voyages which do not involve time at any Tall Ships festival or taking part in Tall Ships races can include young people in OYT South's normal age range of 12-25 - unless we designate any voyage for adults (18+).

We take both male and female crew, and no previous sailing experience is required - all we ask is that you bring enthusiasm, a willingness to join in, learn new skills and work together with the rest of the crew.

Raise And Sail - OYT South's website for young people wanting to raise money in order to sail with us.



“Thanks for another wicked voyage!” Ben, aged 18