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Tall Ships, and Sail Amsterdam OR Southampton - Dartmouth race 2020

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In summer 2020, Ocean Youth Trust South is looking to take part in a Tall Ships festival in A Coruna and a race from Spain to Dunkirk, followed by EITHER another festival with Sail Amsterdam, OR a return to the UK in order to take part in a race against other sail trainng vessels from Southampton to Dartmouth..

As the summer 2019 programme fills up, we hope that publicising our 2020 plans now will create opportunities for some people who may have missed out on 2019 voyages, and also - because some of these voyages are longer than our local UK trips, and additionally require overseas travel - we recognise that people may need time to save up for their voyage fees.

Our DRAFT schedule currently looks like this:

15th - 26th July 2020: eleven-night cruise from Brixham to A Coruna. Age range 15-25 OR adult voyage (18+). Stops on this voyage will very much depend on the weather but there are all sorts of great options - in addition to the excitement of crossing the Bay of Biscay! We need to arrive in A Coruna on 24th July, so the crew for this cruise would have some time to enjoy a fabulous festival featuring vessels from all over the world.


26th July to 8th August 2020: thirteen-night TALL SHIPS RACE from A Coruna to Dunkirk. Age range 15-25. A once-in-a lifetime chance to race across the Bay of Biscay, competing against other sailing vessels also crewed by young people. The fleet races in classes with handicaps so that every type of vessel from the largest square rigger to a small modern yacht can take part. Voyage dates allow for a night at the Tall Ships restival in A Coruna and two nights at the festival in Dunkirk.

Coruna race

From this point, we are looking at two alternative plans and we would be interested in feedback from clients about which you would prefer:

Sail Amsterdam
Southampton to Dartmouth race

The Amsterdam idea might be exciting for some people, but with a minimum age of 15, it isn't an option for our younger crew members, or for those who can't afford overseas travel - so the race to Dartmouth might be an attractive alternative.

Option A - Sail Amsterdam and London visit

8th - 15th August 2020: seven-night cruise from Dunkirk to Amsterdam, but this includes a night at the Dunkirk Tall Ships festival and two nights to enjoy the excitement of Sail Amsterdam. Age range 15-25. The days in between will be spent cruising the coast, with a wealth of opportunities to stop in different places depending on the weather.

Sail Amsterdam

Sail Amsterdam

15th - 22nd August 2020: seven-night cruise from Amsterdam to London. Age range tbc - possibly 15-25 but there may be scope to include some younger crew members. This voyage involves a night at Sail Amsterdam so the crew can take part in the festivities, and then a cruise which could involve visits to ports on either side of the English Channel, depending on the weather, but will finish with a chance to sail up the Thames to the heart of London.


25th to 31st August 2020: seven-night cruise from London to Southampton - with possible stops in UK or French ports along the way, depending on the weather. Age range 12-25.

Option B - Southampton to Dartmouth Race

8th - 14th August 2020 (approx): six-night cruise from Dunkirk to Southampton, but this includes a night at the Dunkirk Tall Ships festival. Age range 15-25. The route back to Southampton offers a wealth of opportunities to stop in different places in France or the UK, depending on the weather.

14th - 21st August 2020 (approx): race from Southampton to Dartmouth but there should be events and activities in port at the start and finish. Age range tbc - possibly 15-25 but there may be scope to include some younger crew members. No sailing experience necessary - we will be competing against other sail training vessels also crewed by young people.


21st to 31st August 2020 (approx): this period would most likely be split into one five-night voyage and one four-night voyage along the south coast of England - perhaps Dartmouth to Poole and Poole to Southampton? The aim would be to be back in Southampton to coincide with the last day of the school summer holidays. These voyages would definitely be open to younger crew members as well as older ones who want a shorter and less challenging voyage - age range 12-25.

No previous sailing experience is required for any of these voyages - you will be sailing as active crew members but full tuition is given on board.

More details including prices will be published in due course.

Please note that we are NOT currently planning to join the Tall Ships events in Lisbon and Cadiz as we want our programme to include a mix of more affordable local UK well as overseas adventure voyages.

Nothing about this programme is yet set in stone and we are happy to consider requests from clients before making any first decisions. If you are interested in sailing with us in summer 2020, please email to register interest, stating whether you are looking for an individual or a group booking (up to 15 places), and which voyage you are interested in. Please also let us know if you would like to ask for alternative voyages if nothing on this plan would suit your group.

For other sailing opportunities, see the 2019 voyage programme.

General information on Tall Ships races and events
The Tall Ships series brings together sail training vessels crewed by young people aged 15-25 from all over the world., ranging from the largest square-rigged vessels, through a wide range of traditional boats, to the Class C vessels, like Prolific.

The host ports of a Tall Ships series traditionally lay on superb hospitality for visiting crews, with festivals, entertainments, a wide range of activities and a chance to see other vessels and visit the town itself.

These are some of the most adventurous voyages of Prolific's season, and taking part is always an unforgettable experience.

For official Tall Ships voyages or other voyages starting and finishing at Tall Ships festivals, the age range for Prolific's crew members is 15-25. This is a rule set by the Tall Ships event organisers, and only a proportion of crew members can be aged 15 - the rest must be 16+.

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