John Laing at sea

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Keep in contact - or make new friends

If you want to keep in touch with people you've met on board our boat, or at other Ocean Youth Trust South events, or perhaps you have booked your first voyage and want some advice from other crew members - or maybe even find someone else doing the same voyage - why not join us on social media?

You can find us on Facebook at (If you are still using our old page set up for our previous boat, please do move to the new page now!)

We are also on Twitter @oytsouth so please follow us!

And Instagram @oyt_south

And LinkedIn Ocean Youth Trust South

This can be a brilliant way for crew members, sea staff and other friends and supporters to keep in touch, contact each other, or spread the word among other people about OYT South voyages. We have even rediscovered some old friends who sailed in John Laing's voyage round the world in the late 1990s - and people who were sailing with us as the Ocean Youth Club back in the 1960s.

Please note that our adult staff and volunteers cannot accept individual friend requests on these sites from crew members under the age of 18, or vulnerable adults - people should please just use the sites to keep in touch with the boat and with each other! Sea staff are not being unfriendly (and you are welcome to send them messages via the boat's page); but this is part of our safeguarding policy.

If you are using one of these sites, do take care of your own privacy and safety: don't put personal information on your page unless you're happy for everyone to see it; and don't forget that what seems funny now might come back to haunt you in later life.

We will delete any messages, photos or videos posted on our pages which are in any way offensive, abusive or inappropriate; and the people responsible will be deleted from our friends' list and prevented from posting in future. If anyone spots any problems on one of our pages, do let us know and we will deal with it very quickly.


“I have learnt and seen loads of new things and I will remember for the rest of my life! ” Jemima, aged 12