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OYT South bulletin 25th November 2005

Urgent notices

Help needed
We could really do with a few more refit helpers this weekend, particularly on Sunday when several refit helpers are otherwise engaged in an important OYT South meeting. Anyone available to help on the boat in Hamble should call Dinghy Boy on 07990 518915.

Shorebased training
We’ve already had a number of bookings for courses at the shorebased training weekend in February (GMDSS, radar, first aid or chartwork) – see the sea staff section below for details and book early to guarantee your place!.


Three bits of news about emails:

First, having been through the visitors’ book when it came off the boat last week, I have been able to add a number of new email addresses to this mailing list. If you are receiving this bulletin for the first time, I hope you find it useful and/or interesting – please use it as a way of keeping in touch and involved with OYT South, and I do like getting replies, comments, or items for future inclusion. But if you really don’t want to keep receiving a bulletin every week, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Second, Wolf has been having problems with his email, so if you need to get hold of him and want a quick reply, it’s better to phone him on 07771 771864.

Third, my email address will be changing from December 23rd, when I leave the BBC for good. My new address is caz_oytsouth@blueyonder.co.uk. I’m not checking it all that frequently at the moment, but please feel free to start using it – and make a note of it for later use. It will not be possible to have emails automatically forwarded from my BBC address after I leave so you must have my new address in order to reach me.

Refit news

John Laing is out of the water at Hamble Yacht Services, and the scaffolding is all up. The tenting is a work in progress and Dinghy Boy says the site looks rather like the Eden Project. It will all be shrink-wrapped on Monday / Tuesday next week.

The survey has been done by our lovely surveyor, Di Roberts, and the great news is that there were no shocks – everything she found was already within the scope of the planned refit. She did spend an unusual length of time in a confined space (the cockpit locker) with Dinghy Boy, and went away claiming to be entirely satisfied.

Otherwise, work is going well. The shit tanks have been cleaned and treated with Fertan (which treats and removes rust). Work has begun on the skipper’s cabin ceiling, which has not been tackled in recent years. The stern platform is being done. The engine has been painted. Work has started in the anchor locker and forepeak, and the water tanks have been cleaned. The lettering is coming off the hull (only slightly delayed by the annual competition to start by removing parts of the various letters in Ocean Youth Trust South in order to spell other things…..). Nick Crawford came down and apparently devised a way of solving the problem with the forehatch.

Thanks to all those involved this week: Wolf, Dinghy Boy, Gizmo, Special K, Phoebe, Nick Crawford and Di Roberts.

If you haven’t yet visited this year’s refit (or just feel the need to acquire a nickname), we’d love to see you. Just call Wolf on 07771 771864 and let him know when you want to come. Those who have never been to a refit before and have any questions about how it works and what is expect of them are welcome to email me.

Refit appeal
This year’s refit will be quite expensive as there are a number of major items we must replace as well as all the usual jobs. If you can help us with a donation – either in cash or by helping us find sources of cheap or free materials – please get in touch. Please send cheques payable to OYT South to David Salmon, or phone him with a credit card donation (OYT South, Spur House, 1 The Spur, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hants PO12 2NA, tel  0870 241 2252 ). With ideas or suggestions regarding donations of equipment and materials, talk to Wolf on 07771 771864 about what he might need.

Sail Training International Conference

There was an excellent turnout from OYT South (as well as OYT Scotland and Ireland) at last weekend’s STI conference. Other organisations were particularly impressed by the number of young people there to represent the various OYT regions; and it seems as though our contributions to the event have defeintely enhanced our reputation within the sail training community. As well as some useful networking, we had sessions about next year’s Tall Ships Race series, plus presentations on search and rescue, new technology and youth work, and some compelling accounts of lessons to be learned from recent incidents on other sail training boats.

Sea staff vacancies and training

Keep sending in your preferences for sailing dates in 2006 - see http://www.oytsouth.org/ for the official 2006 voyage programme. As ever, people who help with the refit over this winter get priority with 2006 staff bookings, but I can always pencil people in now if you know what you would like.

I’d also like to hear from people – whether new to OYT South, or former crew members who want to make progress – who would be interested in joining our volunteer sea staff in 2006, so that I can start planning assessment voyages.

I’m also taking bookings for staff training voyages in early 2006:
·   Mates training weekend 21-23 April (£150)
·    Adult familiarisation voyage 30 April to 5 May (£275).

These are both open to new prospective sea staff, as well as to existing sea staff who may be rusty or want some more practice. The prices for these two voyages include £30 annual membership and £70 annual mates sailing fee, so once you’ve paid this you can sail as often as you can manage in 2006 at no further cost.

There will also be some shorebased training courses available on the weekend of February 18th and 19th (as well as the OYT South AGM on the Sunday) – so put the dates in your diaries now. Wolf will be running the one-day GMDSS/VHF course for anyone who needs this qualification. Last year we also ran successful First Aid and Radar courses and if there is sufficient demand we will try to do so again. There can also be a one-day chartwork course, as last year, though this does not lead to a formal qualification. Please email me if you would like to do one of these courses - but please note that you can only choose one as they each take up the whole day on Saturday. And if you can think of another one-day shorebased training session which you would find useful, let me know and we’ll set it up if we can.

Marketing day sails

We will be running two more marketing day sails, on Sat 6th and Sun 7th May next year. If you know anyone who would like to see the boat in action, with a view to booking a new group for a voyage, donating some money, or supporting us in other ways, please spread the word and make sure any new contacts know they would be welcome on one of those days (and either keep me or David Salmon informed).

Crew bookings

We are now taking bookings on the 2006 programme, also available from the office, or on the website at www.oytsouth.org. Don’t forget the 2006 Tall Ships races to Spain, Portugal and Antwerp!

A number of full-boat bookings means that at certain times of year there are already limited spaces – so get your booking in now!

Dates for your diaries

18-19 February: Training weekend and OYT South AGM

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“This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it.” Sam, aged 16