Wolf's 40th birthday in Szczecin


OYT South bulletin 17th August 2007

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Voyage vacancies and bursaries
Bursary funding may well be available for these voyages, so no-one should be deterred from applying by the cost - talk to the office on 0845 365 6781 if you would like to apply for a grant. 

4-6 Sept: Southampton £140 (age 12-25 OR adults) - 11 places available - ideal 2-night taster voyage.
10-14 Sept: Southampton £275 (age 12-25) - 12 places left
27 Sept - 1 Oct: Southampton £220 - 4 places left.

2-7 October: Southampton £325 (age 12-25) - ASTO Small Ships Race (we need to defend the trophy we won in June!) - 10 places left
8-12 Oct: Southampton £240 (age 12-25) - 3 places left
15-19 Oct: Southampton £250 (age 12-25) - 6 places left

HURRY - if you want to book a berth, contact the office as soon as possible.

For UK-based voyages, see here.
Small Ships race (October 2-7), see here.
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential projects, see here:
Bursary funding, see here.
For more information about Tall Ships 2008, see here.
And special funding for crew members from outside the UK.

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ASTO Race - possible NEW weekend voyage

As you can see above, we have ten berths still available to defend our title in the October ASTO Small Ships Race - which means we don't yet have enough crew to compete.

This voyage was originally planned to include three days of training before the race, which takes place on Saturday October 6th. It may be that this has ruled out interest from all those at school, college or university, which would explain the low take-up.

One option which would avoid us having to pull out of the race altogether would be to split the voyage and open up the possibility of having some crew joining John Laing on the Friday night, to race on Saturday, enjoy the events on Saturday night, and bring the vessel back to Southampton on Sunday. This could be an ideal opportunity for some keen sailors - perhaps people who have sailed in John Laing before, or who already have racing experience in dinghies or yachts. Crew members must be aged 12-25. Price to be confirmed but likely to be in the region of £150 before any bursary funding. If you cannot do the full 2-7 October voyage but would be interested in joining us for Friday night and the weekend, if the decision has to be made to split the voyage, please email me NOW.

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Voyage news
The last bulletin saw John Laing newly-arrived in Szczecin in Poland for the final Tall Ships festivities. Szczecin proved to be one of the best festivals ever, with over 2 million visitors and festival activities on a tremendous scale. The boats were moored on both sides of the river, with funfairs, stalls and music stages on both sides. We were delighted to find John Laing's allocated berth on the opposite side of the river to the pop and rock stage; instead, we were right alongside the folk stage, and enjoyed day after day of fantastic folk music in English and Polish. We made friends with the vessels alongside - Joanna Saturna from Finland and Lotos from the Netherlands. Lotos played their part in an excellent practical joke on our skipper: having been totally relaxed and friendly for several days, on the morning they were due to leave they suddenly became very demanding and insisted that we move to let them out at a moment's notice. A startled Wolf got the engine going, but almost immediately it died and Laura the bosun rushed out of the engine room declaring she couldn't fix it and it was making an appalling noise. Wolf rushed to look and found, hidden in the workshop, Chris the engineer, grinning broadly and shaking a big metal bucket full of bolts to make the noise - having stopped the engine quite safely. Chris was paying a surprise visit (that is, a surprise to the skipper - everyone else was in on the joke) to help with the maintenance and attend Wolf's 40th birthday party. Back on deck, the Lotos team had reverted to their normal laid-back style and were laughing as hard as anyone.

The Tall Ships fleet left Szczecin on August 7th but John Laing was scheduled to stay on to enjoy Wolf's birthday on August 8th. A few of us spent some time walking through the city and getting a feel for the place which had been impossible with the festival in full swing. By evening, we had almost all the incoming crew and sea staff, as well as several of the outgoing team, making up a group of more than 20 in a restaurant for Wolf's birthday dinner. We were joined by Pat Sheridan and his wife - Pat being one of the folk singers who had performed in the festival, and a sea shanty specialist. Among other things, he runs a project working in Irish and Polish schools, working with pupils to keep traditional maritime songs alive. You can find out more about Pat's music here. Pat sang some of his songs for Wolf's birthday and we ended up staying up half the night swapping songs. A memorable night in every way. And perhaps the germ of a great idea: Pat is interested in working with us to put together a group of young people to learn traditional shanties and then sail in John Laing to a festival next year where they could perform - perhaps a really original project for a school group?

On the following day the vessel was handed over to the incoming crew and staff, and on Friday they covered the 30 miles or so of inland waterways to the coast. They stopped for a night in Swinoujscje, where they had to clear Customs - but found themselves in the middle of another festival, complete with funfair, fireworks and folk bands. The following day they motored (no wind) to Sassnitz in Germany, where they spent a night before leaving at lunchtime the following day and enjoying an amazing overnight sail as the Earth passed through an asteroid belt and the sky was alive with hundreds of shooting stars. The next stop was Warnemunde, a little seaside resort at the entrance to Rostock, where they had a day off, lunch out and an afternoon on the beach with a frisbee.

Next day they had a long sail to Heiligenhafen, during which they had Force 6 winds for the last hour - just about the only decent sailing breeze of the entire week. Apart from that it was all very hot with lots of sunbathing. The next day it looked as though there might be wind again, with 45 knots as they left and everyone rushing to put in lots of reefs. But the wind only lasted for a few minutes before dying away completely once again. They motored to Kiel where the voyage ended yesterday.

Skipper Dave Carnson says the crew couldn't have been nicer or got on better together. Thanks to Dave and the other sea staff - John Parkin, Alex "Leek" Evans, Ben Martin, Laura, Miranda Camping and two qualified watch leaders sailing in crew berths, Rosie "Habit" Allen and Andrew Kitching.

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John Laing
on MySpace and Facebook
John Laing is on both MySpace and Facebook , both brilliant ways for crew members, sea staff and other friends and supporters to keep in touch, contact each other, or spread the word among other people about OYT South voyages. Have a look, and come and be one of John Laing's friends - and tell all YOUR friends about us!

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2008 draft voyage programme 
A draft version of the 2008 voyage programme is now available here. It will give you an idea of what we are planning for next year, but it is not yet set in stone - if your group is hoping for a voyage on specific dates and the draft programme doesn't suit your plans, contact the office NOW on 0845 365 6781 and we'll see if it's possible to adjust the programme to create a voyage to suit you.

Many costs listed here are discounted early-booker prices, available for any bookings confirmed with the office by 31st August 2007. Some prices will increase after this date.

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Chris Ellis Award
Don't forget to enter for the Chris Ellis Award - you could win up to £200 off the price of your next voyage. This competition is open to any crew members aged 12-25. All you need to do is produce a piece of work based on your last voyage: an essay, diary, logbook, picture, computer art or anything else you like - there are no restrictions as long as your entry gives an idea of what you last voyage meant to you and why you would like to sail again. The closing date for entries is 1 December 2007 but please start sending your entries sooner, while your voyage is fresh in your mind. Electronic entries (preferable) should be emailed to me; hard copies if necessary should be posted to the office: PO Box 203, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 9AZ.

Chris Ellis was one of the founders of the Ocean Youth Club, in 1960. His family is still very interested in seeing any entries.

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OYT South Annual Supper
The OYT South West Sussex support group has kindly offered once again to organise our annual supper party for OYT South supporters. It will take place on the evening of Friday 14th September in Chichester Yacht Club, Birdham, at a cost of £35 per head (or a discounted rate of £260 for a table of eight people). There are also limited supplies of £20 “student specials“ for those not earning.

Our special guest this year is Merfyn Owen, the internationally renowned yacht designer who was responsible for Ellen Macarthur's record breaking yachts. He is also an ex-Ocean Youth Club skipper, and a skipper of one of the BT Global Challenge yachts.

Please put this date in your diary and tell all your friends! Contact Chris Lane for tickets. And please also contact Chris if you can donate raffle or auction prizes. 

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Sea staff bookings

Current vacancies (all Southampton-Southampton) are:

4-6 Sept: third mate needed (if voyage is booked)
27 Sept-1 Oct: second mate needed
8-12 Oct: first and second OR third mates needed
15-19 Oct: first and second mates needed
20-24 Oct: first and second mates needed

 Email me if you can help.

Please note that you should have paid your annual membership (£30) and annual sailing donation (£70) before you can book, and you MUST have a CRB check.

 And those over 65 or with known health problems must also now have an ENG1 medical before you can sail - let me know if you need advice or information about arranging this. It does need to be an ENG1 and not any other kind of medical - please don't rush off and spend money on an ML5 or anything else. ENG1s need to be done by an MCA-approved doctor, not by your own GP.

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Training voyages for sea staff and new prospective sea staff
We are still waiting for the last few booking forms for the mates' training weekend 7-9 September (£150) - I'll try and chase all these people over the next few days and offer any spare places to some of those on the reserve list if I can.

The next mates' training weekend will be from 25-27 April 2008. There will also be a longer adult familiarisation voyage in first half of the 2008 season - we have three possible dates for it in April, May or June but we are waiting for a few more group bookings from young people and we will settle on adult voyage dates when we know which voyage isn't needed by a group.

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Maintenance days
The maintenance day on September 15th has been CANCELLED. There will now be a maintenance day on September 7th instead. Help needed - call Wolf on 07771 771864 a few days in advance if you can come along.

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FREE women-only self defence course on offer
John Snowden is offering to run a self-defence course for women some time over the winter. Please email me if you might be interested, and if there is sufficient enthusiasm we will put together some details. This should be a really outstanding course - everyone who knows John or has sailed with him will know of his expertise in the field.

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Financial appeal
Current fundraising priorities are to start putting together a refit fund for next winter, so that we are better able to plan the jobs and don't face the usual cashflow problems at the last minute. See here for how to make a donation.

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London Support Group
Anyone in the London area interested in getting involved with our London Support Group should email Rob Dickinson. It's mainly about getting more young people from London to sail on the boat, and raising a bit of money to help them do so.

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Dorset Support Group
Martin Skipper is planning to revive the Dorset Support Group - anyone in the area who might like to get involved can email Martin.

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Boat Show
We are still looking for volunteers to help with our stand at the Southampton Boat Show, on any day from Friday 13 September to Sunday 23 September. All welcome, including young crew members who can help enthuse others simply by describing their own experiences on board John Laing, as well as adult volunteers - some of whom will be needed as stand managers, prepared to commit to helping for a full day or longer.

We will provide a pass for entry for the period of time on the stand, so volunteers will also get a chance to look round the rest of the show - a great experience.

For more information on how you can assist us please contact David Salmon in the office or email Brian Eyres

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OYT South membership and sailing donations - changes
Last chance to comment on proposed changes before they come into effect in September!

The Trustees of OYT South have proposed a series of changes affecting membership and sailing donations, as follows:

a) At present people can join OYT South on any date and get 12 months' membership from that date - meaning that everyone is up for renewal at different times. It would be administratively far simpler, and easier to see who is a member and who is not, if everyone's fee came due at the same time. Therefore, from 2008, all membership will be due from 1 January and will last for the calendar year. However, to ease the transition, anyone due to pay after 1 September 2007 can pay at the new rate (see below) and this will be deemed to cover their membership until the end of 2008 - i.e. up to 3 months' free!

b) The current membership donation is £30pa and the sailing donation is £70pa. These figures have remained unchanged for at least seven years. From 1 January 2008 (or 1 September 2007 for those due to pay then), the membership donation will be raised to £36pa.

At the same time, the sailing donation will now have a recommended rate of £100pa and a minimum rate (before concessions - see below) which remains at the present level of £70 per year. It will be entirely up to sailing members which they pay (and they can pay somewhere between the two). The Trust would like to encourage everyone who can afford it to pay at the recommended rate, but where this would be a financial struggle, or for individuals who sail so little that they don't feel they get value for money, the minimum rate remains an option. The choice is entirely your own.

c) Anyone paying for a mate's training or familiarisation voyage can have their membership and sailing donation taken out of the voyage fee. This should attract new members but also encourage existing sea staff to undertake training voyages. NEW members who do training voyages in September and do not have the opportunity for further voyages that season (because of limited availability for assessment berths) will be regarded as paid-up members until the end of the following calendar year.

d) Crew members aged 12-25 will be regarded as paid-up members in the calendar year in which they sail.

e) Paid sea staff will be regarded as paid-up members in the year in which they sail. Unpaid relief skippers may also be regarded as paid-up members, although they will not be discouraged from paying if they choose!

f) Volunteer first mates are expected to pay membership and sailing donations, subject to concessions (below).

g) Membership donation - concessions: youth members (aged under 25) should pay a reduced membership donation of £18 instead of £36.

h) Sailing donation - concessions: OYT South policy states: "OYT South seeks to encourage suitable individuals from a wide range of backgrounds to train, qualify and sail as volunteer sea staff. No-one should be excluded on grounds of cost."

Any individual who would be deterred or prevented from sailing by the cost of even the minimum sailing donation (£70) can apply to the Trust for their sailing donation to be covered in full or in part by bursary funding. It should be possible for any member of sea staff recommended by the staff skipper to have their minimum sailing donation covered if they cannot afford it. No-one should be deterred from applying and there will not be a complex approval procedure.

i) Sea staff aged over 65 or with known medical conditions are already expected to have an ENG1 medical, which costs at least £80 every two years (prices can vary). If required, OYT South can deduct this cost from the sailing donation (e.g. £40 off per year over 2 years for an £80 medical).

j) Non sailing members should continue to pay their membership donation but not the sailing donation.

k) All taxpayers should complete a Gift Aid form regardless of how you pay, as the Government will give OYT South 23p for every £ you donate. A Gift Aid form can be downloaded here.
It is easy to make a payment using any of the following ways:
By credit card over the phone (0845 365 6781)
OYT South website using credit card / PayPal (this is 24/7)
Banker's Order
Even cash (but not sent by post!)

If anyone has questions or concerns about any of the above, please contact me before 1 September so we can look at amending anything which might cause problems.


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Office FREEPOST address
Following an analysis of the effectiveness of OYT South's FREEPOST address, it has become clear that its use does not justify the cost of maintaining it. Please note therefore that it is being discontinued - all mail should now be sent to the usual office address: PO Box 203, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 9AZ.

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Volunteer press officer news
Don't forget to contact Lizzie Fiddaman, our volunteer press officer, if you think your voyage should be covered in the local press, or if you have any other good story to tell about OYT South: you can email Lizzie. You can also contact her if you want to get involved in getting positive press coverage for us in your local area - the more help she has, the more coverage we might get! Local press coverage will help more people to hear about OYT South - which can mean more crew members and even more donations - so it's well worth helping Lizzie to get us mentioned.

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Voyage posters
Available to download from the website and print out: two posters / flyers which you could hand out to people or put on a school, college or club notice board, to encourage young people to come sailing with us.

One is mainly pictures and is primarily designed to get people looking at our website; the other poster has a bit more text. Both can be printed on ordinary A4 paper so I hope you will find it easy to spread them around!

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Passwords to members-only website section
Most sea staff who are sailing this year should now have working passwords to the members-only section of the website. Anyone who hasn't received a password and would still like one should email me and I can add you quite easily.

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Website - links needed
With so much work having been done on OYT South's website over recent months, it would be really great if we could increase the numbers of people visiting it. If you have any access to another website - anything from a marine site to a MySpace page - could you include a link to http://www.oytsouth.org/? And let me know so that we can link back to you!

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Photos needed
Please keep sending photos from John Laing voyages, and I'll use the best on the website.

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Survey - tell us what you think
Always looking for more responses to the web-based survey - please have a look!

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New readers' section
If you are reading the OYT South newsletter for the first time, I hope you will find it useful and interesting, and filled with opportunities for things you will want to get involved in. Please feel free to join in any OYT South activities - nothing here is restricted to long-standing members or people who already know one another. New people are always very welcome!

If you feel that you don't yet know much about OYT South, you will learn more by keeping a regular eye on these newsletters; but for a lot of background information, take a look at the rest of this website.

If you are aged 12-25 and hoping to sail as a crew member, take a look here.  

Adults interested in joining our volunteer sea staff can check here

To volunteer for OYT South ashore, please look here.

We still need help at maintenance days spread throughout the year, and there will be another winter refit starting in November - see here.

And if you have any questions, please do email me - or contact the office.


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“I have made a bunch of mates that I hope to keep in touch with - would love to come again" Joe, 13