Collecting the Cash

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How do I collect all the money?

However you have decided to raise money, however vast the amounts you have been sponsored, one thing is for sure; you're going to need to collect it.

If you are selling items you have made, keep the money you are given together and think about paying it into a bank account so that it's safe. Don't forget to keep a good record of exactly how much you have made. If you are working as a group, think about asking a group leader or teacher to take care of the money for you.

If you have decided to do a sponsored event, the way you collect your sponsorship money will depend on whether you want it to go straight to the charity, or to go into your sailing fund if you are trying to raise money to join an OYT South voyage.

Raising Money to Pay for a Voyage

If you are raising money to help fund your trip with OYT South, you'll need to get people to sponsor you and then give you or your group leader the money directly.

Use paper sponsorship forms and get people to give you their details and how much they are sponsoring you. We have blank sponsorship forms on the site here but you'll need to add in the details of your event and make some changes - for some events people will sponsor you to complete a challenge, for others, they might sponsor you a certain amount for every length you swim or day you wear your wellies.

Make sure your sponsorship form makes it clear how you would like to be sponsored.
I Need sponsorship forms

Raising Money donate to the charity

If you are raising money to support the work of Ocean Youth Trust South, you can use online sponsorship sites to create a page for your event.
Websites like Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving let you make a page and then they manage collecting the money and making sure it gets safely to OYT South.