Getting Started

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What you need is a plan

Fundraising is a bit like sailing - everything will turn out a lot better if you have a plan - so make a plan.
Here's our suggestion for things to think about.

1. Choose your idea

Decide on an idea that is fun and possible. It may be that you are going to have several different fundraising projects but, each time, make sure that the idea is safe and sounds like fun. If you are still unsure about what you're going to do, don't forget we have some fundraising ideas for you on this site.
Give me ideas

2. Get Organised

Once your idea is agreed, you need to plan where and when and how. Don't get so busy planning the event that you forget about the money! Who are you going to ask to support you? How will they give money? If you're not sure how to make this work, take a look at our suggestions.
Collecting the Cash

3. Tell Everyone

There's no point going to all this trouble if nobody knows about it, so spread the word. Put up posters, add the event to your online status, tell your teachers and get every adult who might help to get involved too.

Don't forget, if you are asking for money, people like to know why. Explain as much as you can about Prolific and the Ocean Youth Trust when you ask for sponsorship. We have some details you can print out to remind you - or give to people who are interested.
What to Tell People

Need posters, leaflets or sponsorship forms? We thought you might so they are ready and waiting on this site. Just choose the ones you need and print them out yourself.
Posters and Leaflets