What To Tell People

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People like to know where their money is going

You'll find that people like to know why they are giving you money.
If you are raising money to fund your own voyage with OYT South, you probably have lots of things to tell people already and that's great. Tell them why you are excited about sailing with us, what you hope to achieve and what you think you will learn.

Sometimes it helps to have some more detail about the Ocean Youth Trust. The paragraph below is a short summary of the work we do and you may want to include it on your sponsorship form or just have a read so that you have some more information to tell people.

What is the Ocean Youth Trust South and what do they do?

John Laing Ocean Youth Trust South exists to offer personal development through adventure under sail to young people aged 12 to 25. The majority of young crew members come from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds or face significant problems at home or at school; but there are also places for young people from mainstream backgrounds.

Young crew members living in a wide variety of circumstances benefit enormously from being taken right out of their familiar environment and encouraged to face new challenges, enjoy new experiences, make friends, work as a team, acquire new skills and, above all, develop their confidence. In practice this is achieved by putting twelve to fifteen young people together on board our 30-metre sailing vessel, Prolific, with safety and support provided by skilled sea staff.

Want more details?

You can find out more information on the main Ocean Youth Trust South website.
If people are interested in learning more, why not suggest they take a look and discover more?
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