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3rd March 2022: We're going to change the way we do these courses and run them through ASTO rather than continuing to take on the cost of our own separate licence which is now significantly more expensive. Once the ASTO arrangement is finalised, we'll update this page to explain how to get access to your courses.

OYT South has partnered with EduCare to offer online training for OYT South volunteers.

A £10 subscription gives you 12 months’ access to a package of 19 courses. Please see below for a list of individual courses with links to course descriptions.

Essential Courses for OYT South Volunteers:
If you hold a Safeguarding qualification relevant to working with young people from within the last three years, or a Food Hygiene qualification, from another provider, we may well be able to accept this - please send a copy of the certificate, making sure that the name of the qualification and provider and the date of the course are clearly legible.

Otherwise, requirements are as follows:

We ask all new volunteer sea staff joining up after 1 January 2020 to complete TWO courses:

  1. Food Hygiene and Safety
  2. Safeguarding Young People

Volunteer sea staff who joined before January 1, 2020 must hold the following qualifications:

  1. A safeguarding certificate relevant to working with Young People
  2. A Food Hygiene and Safety certificate

When your existing Safeguarding qualification expires, we will ask you to renew it and at the same time to complete the Safeguarding Young People course.

How to subscribe
Subscribing is straightforward using the PayPal button below. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email from EduCare to confirm you are set up as a user.

Please be aware there can sometimes be a delay of a few days between making payment and receiving your login details.

Your 12 month subscription will begin on the day you receive the confirmation email, not the date on which you paid, and will automatically expire 12 months later.

Payment link will be inserted here as soon as we have a new licence.

We’ve put together a set of FAQs for our EduCare learners to address the most common queries we receive about the service. You can access this here: EduCare FAQs.

If you have a query that is not covered in this document, please contact us on

Full list of courses available on your EduCare subscription (don't worry that higher prices are shown on the page for each course - OYT South members are eligible for the £10 rate for the full package which the charity has signed up to):

Child Protection in Sport and Active Leisure
Child Exploitation
Online Safety
Child Protection Refresher 2020
Raising Awareness of Trafficking and Modern Slavery
Safer Recruitment
First Aid Essentials
Health & Safety
Personal Safety
A Practical Guide to the GDPR
Concussion Awareness
Food Hygiene and Safety 
Child Sexual Exploitation in Sport
Safeguarding Young People

Plus the following courses only available through our package which meansyou can only see details once you have signed up:

An Introduction to Safety in Clubs
Equality and Diversity in Sport
Mental Wellbeing in Sport and Physical Activity
Preventing Bullying in Sport
Safeguarding Adults in Sport

Expiring Qualifications
We ask all volunteers to refresh their Safeguarding qualification on a three yearly basis in line with government guidelines on best practice.

You will need to re-subscribe after three years in order to keep these qualifications up to date. There is no need to re-subscribe in the meantime.

Other online training:
We also offer an online Essential Navigation course. This is via a separate provider. Please follow the link for further details.



“I have learnt and seen loads of new things and I will remember for the rest of my life! ” Jemima, aged 12