Taking off the rudder....

Annual refit and maintenance

Equipment and donations needed

You may not be in a position to donate hundreds or even thousands of pounds to the main refit fund, but could you help with a few of the small items which are essential every year?

Some of these things are specialist items which the skipper will need to order - but plenty more are simple things like bin bags and gloves which anyone can buy locally. If you are coming to refit, could you bring one or two things with you? If you can’t make it to refit, could you buy a few bits and pieces instead?

Some of these items cost less than £2, but it all adds up.

Do please check with the skipper (07990 518915) before you buy anything – it would be a shame if you bought the wrong thing, or if everyone brought the same things, or things which had already been bought! This list is only a guide to the type of things needed for most refits.

P40 sandpaper - 30 metre roll
P60 sandpaper - 60m roll
P240 sandpaper - 20m roll
Sandpaper P80 velcro (5 x 1/3 sheet) - 4 packs
Mixed packs 5 paintbrushes (30 packs / 150 brushes)
Radiator rollers - 100 rollers and 5 handles
8 roller trays - large
5 radiator brushes
4 artist paint brushes
8 varnish foam brushes
6 metal filler knives
6 plastic filler knives
2 x white Sikoflex sealant
4 x black Sikoflex sealant
1 x 240v sander
1 x 240 v angle grinder (plus assorted grind wheel discs, flap discs and bevel brushes)
2 x 240 v drills (plus assorted crimped wire pencil brushes and cup brushes and flap wheels)
1 heat gun
20m electric extension reel 4 socket
15m electric extension reel 1 socket
Large tub Lewmar winch grease
5 litres Blakes Bitumen varnish
Assorted pump spares, heads spares and sink spares
20 disposable overalls (medium)
10 cloth overalls
Latex gloves (large) 9 x 100-pack
5 pairs rubber gloves
Disposable dust masks 8 x 20 pack
Respirator masks x 4 plus assorted refills
2 pairs basic safety goggles
2 pairs anti-fog safety goggles
2 pairs ear defenders
4 hard hats
1 pair knee pads
2 medium torches
4 large torches
Assorted batteries: AA, AAA, DD
20 tea / coffee mugs
20 plastic beakers
20 bowls
20 plates
10 new lifejackets
15 lifejacket gas canisters
Assorted bulbs (both for domestic lighting and specialist navigation light bulbs)
No 4 whipping twine x 4 reels
30 litres 15/40w diesel engine oil
15 litres antifreeze
1 x 12 litre wet and dry hoover and 4 filters
4 dustpans and brushes
2 brooms
4 mops
Large plastic sheets on roll 4m x 50m - 3 rolls
10 tarpaulins
2 door mats
4 x 50-pack J-cloths
5 rolls Gaffer tape
400 metres cling-film
5-day masking tape - 32 rolls 50m x 25mm and 12 rolls 50m x 50mm
10 rolls self amalgamating tape
6 blue "Elephant bog rolls" - huge rolls of paper towel
12 plastic mixing jugs
8 litres white spirit
2 litres acetone
200 industrial-strength binbags
1 tube Loctite
8 indelible marker pens
200 garden labels / tags
2 brass wire brushes
4 wire brushes
1 tube Duralac
200 medium cable ties
200 large cable ties
2 heavy duty buckets
12 sponges
4.5kg sugar soap
1 large can Bilgex
4 rolls seizing wire

If you know anyone who might be able to make a larger donation, see here for a report that was written for one of our key refit donors outlining some of the major work being done, with a provisional budget.

Why do we need all this? See main refit page.

Thank you very much indeed for anything you can donate!

“I’ve loved it and I’ve made lots of friends – it was brill.” Lianne, 15