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Sponsorship and donations

Crew bursaries - how you can help

MAKE A DONATION -91.5% of expenditure in 2018-19 went on the direct delivery of our charitable services. We have operated with similar figures for a number of years but in 2019-20, when we were unable to sail at all due to Covid, we focussed on essential expenditure needed to protect the future of the charity.

Want to sail but can't afford it? - apply for funding help.

Raise And Sail - OYT South's website for young people wanting to raise money in order to sail with us.

In recent years, generous donations from a number of individuals and organisations have enabled OYT South to offer cut-price or (more rarely) free places to a wide variety of young people aged 12-25 who would not otherwise have sailed with us.

These included:

  • Young people just leaving local authority care
  • Young people who had recently lost one or both parents
  • Young people who had been abused
  • Young people with exceptionally low confidence and self-esteem
  • Young people who had never been on a holiday before
  • Young people experiencing family trauma
  • Young refugees
  • Young people who had experienced homelessness
  • Young people with a brother or sister who has died or currently has a life-limiting condition
  • Young people who had given significant support to OYT South – for example, by working on the refit
  • Young people who had sailed as crew and shown sufficient promise to be earmarked as future sea staff, but who would not normally be able to afford to sail often enough to develop the required experience.
  • An overseas crew trip funded to promote mutual understanding between young people from different countries. Eight different nationalities were represented on board for this trip.

If you would be interested in offering bursary funding for one or more crew members to sail with OYT South, please contact the office to discuss it.

You can choose whether to contribute to a general fund to be used for any deserving cases as they arise, or whether you want your money to support something chosen by you. This might be young people in particular circumstances, or living in your local area, or for a specific voyage. You can identify bursary recipients yourself, or you can instruct us in how you would like your money to be spent and we will invite applications which meet your criteria.

Read about the difference your support can make to young people here.

You can also read the impressions of one of our partners after taking part in a voyage with young people here.






“I’ve enjoyed myself so much and we can be proud of what we’ve all achieved.” Colette