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Fundraising ideas

MAKE A DONATION - 91.5% of expenditure in 2018-19 went on the direct delivery of our charitable services. We have operated with similar figures for a number of years but in 2019-20, when we were unable to sail at all due to Covid, we focussed on essential expenditure needed to protect the future of the charity.

If you are hoping to raise money in order to come sailing with us, the first place to look is Raise And Sail - OYT South's website full of ideas for young people about fundraising.

- a website with loads of ideas for how you couild raise money for your voyage, or to support our work with young people who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to sail.

OYT South is putting together a pack of small-scale fundraising ideas suitable for young people who are trying to pay for their own voyages, or for local support groups or others who would like to sponsor a local young person to sail, or an item at the refit.

These ideas include:

  • A guide to selling unwanted items on e-Bay
  • Raising funds with a supper club
  • Imaginative sponsored events
  • Get a group of people to auction their time or special skills: you can offer real work, like a morning’s DIY or gardening, or just offer something you enjoy and are good at but which other people might not be able to do - from a tutorial on how to reach the next level of your favourite computer game, to an hour’s flower-arranging, or cooking a special meal.
  • Run an event in your office, school or college – collect photos of everyone as babies and then charge people to enter a competition to guess who they are

Please send in your ideas to the webmaster, or stories of how you raised money, and we’ll feature the best ones on this page.

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Legacies - Please consider remembering Ocean Youth Trust South in your will

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“Will treasure the experience. Thanks for giving the youngsters a great time.” Adrian, group leader