Cricketer Adam Hollioake sails with OYT South as part of a fundraising journey for CHASE children's hospice

Sponsorship and donations


MAKE A DONATION - 91.5% of expenditure in 2018-19 went on the direct delivery of our charitable services. We have operated with similar figures for a number of years but in 2019-20, when we were unable to sail at all due to Covid, we focussed on essential expenditure needed to protect the future of the charity.

OYT South works in partnership with other charities, youth groups, mainstream and special schools, local authorities, social work teams and others. They nominate many of the young people who sail with us and can help to prepare them for voyages to make sure they get the most our of the experience.

Most importantly, however, our partners help to ensure that the good work done during a voyage can be integrated into an ongoing programme of work with each young person. For example:

* Those who struggle at school and may be leaving with few exam passes can use a sailing qualification certificate to show a potential employer that they can listen, concentrate, persevere with things which initially seem difficult, work with others, and get up on time to take their share of the work.
* Some voyages, such as our hospice siblings' projects, are designed to allow young people to get to know others living in similar circumstances. A hospice may build on friendships forged at sea to provide support to a young person when a brother or sister dies.
* Building confidence is a key aim for each voyage. Many young people will find things difficult and daunting in the first couple of days but will overcome their fears by the end of a voyage. Because the boat will be out at sea, there is no option to walk away or give up - which means many young people break through barriers of fear or under-confidence which they have not overcome at home or at school because the option of giving up has always been there. A teacher or social worker who can remind a young person of their successes on board can use this to motivate them next time they face a challenge.

The aims for every voyage and each young person may be slightly different, but by working with our partners, we aim to ensure that each young person takes something away from a voyage which will bring them lasting benefits.

Sometimes these partnerships work in other ways: we have helped some of our partners with fundraising activities on board our vessel, while other partners have given us access to training courses.

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“Great opportunity to see children with varied backgrounds getting along so well." Jeanette, group leader