Crew members on board John Laing

Sponsorship and donations

What your money could buy

MAKE A DONATION - 90.7% of expenditure in 2015-16 went on the direct delivery of our charitable services.

If you would like to make a donation to OYT South, here’s what your money could buy:

£16,000 - food on board for a year
£13,000 - insurance for a year
£10,000 – full cost of a five-day voyage for a group of twelve deserving crew members
£10,000 - contribution to the salary of our skipper or engineer
£10,000 - a new sail
£9,500 - fuel, harbour fees and charts for a year
£4,500 - cost payable by group for a five-day voyage for twelve crew members (50% of true cost)
£4,000 - annual contribution to rolling programme of sail replacementl
£3.200 - telephone costs
£2,000 - stationery, printing and postage including crew handbooks etc
£760 - full cost of a five day voyage for one deserving crew member
£380 - cost payable by crew member for a five-day voyage (50% of true cost)
£300 - food bill for a five day voyage

You can read the impressions of one of our donors after taking part in a voyage with young people here.















“It has been the best time of my life and I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want to leave.” Ashley, 17