On board Prolific

Tracking our boat

Find out where we are sailing

Graham HighOur vessel tracking is sponsored by the Graham High Charitable Trust and we are very grateful to them for supporting this essential safety monitoring system.

Click here to see where Prolific is sailing now.

Click on the vessel icon to see more information. This will give you the date and time for the information shown on this map: it may be a very recent position, or a few hours old. (Please note that, for safety monitoring, more up-to-date vessel tracking is always available to the OYT South office; but it is not possible to offer quite so much detail on this website).

Clicking on the vessel icon will also give you a latitude and longitude, speed and heading, at the time the reading was taken.

You can also zoom in or out on the map.

NB The map used here doesn’t show anything like as much detail as the navigational charts used on board!

See here for more information about our boat Prolific .

See here for a sailing programme for 2022.































“This was a great experience and I would love to do again.” Tash, 19